Such Thoughts become a Burden

When thoughts have a certain flavour

And it is unagreeable to the fine tongue,

it becomes difficult speaking them with flair;

for those who wish to hear it may disappear.

Leaving you with those thoughts,

unsavoury, but you have to deal with the effects;

the unconvincing taste lingers irritatingly.

Once, the truth appeared distant and snobbish;

the type of sentiment surrounding it

proved to be a fine taste to acquire.

The worthless thoughts seemed delectable,

for they titillated the superficial realms.

Inedible, bad taste, and unhealthy;

thoughts emaciate the mind prematurely.


9 thoughts on “Such Thoughts become a Burden

  1. This line “Humanity has a tendency to find offence in complexity” brilliant way to express what kind of knot and intricacies humanity is trying to extricate from. The derelict nature of expression and the flimsy facade can barely portray complex human emotions and desire. Aggrandizing the trivial and eulogising the mundane can only be forgotten in haste.
    It was a fantastic comment from you; thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  2. Ahhhh! This one is incredible and touches on something I’ve been contemplating so much lately – in regards to mass consumption of art/writing/music.

    Some many of the more “popular” artists, musicians, authors… lack so much substance, depth, dedication, authentic meaning. They produce shallow art and people flock to it. Because what they make is *easy* to grasp. There’s a temptation to that.

    So the lines, “The worthless thoughts seemed delectable for they titillated the superficial realms” jumped off the page at me. Bravo.

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    1. You read the poem perfectly. You have an amazing perception. I agree with you; no one wants to toil now. All the hurriedly collected words narrate a weak story. There is no passion and the lure of easy recognition cannot be denied. Now it is more about connections and clever marketing of Art and creativity. As you mentioned the word, ‘consumption’; yes I agree it s no more about understanding creativity, but devouring it, no matter how distasteful it is.

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      1. It speaks to a greater infliction in humanity. Being adverse, inconvenienced, by things, people, jobs, experiences … that require, and I would argue they deserve, the effort. Infatuation with short cuts. Addiction to instant gratification. Humanity has a tendency to find offence in complexity. They fail to see the beauty in complication, the pride in accomplishing something that requires even a hint of sacrifice. This applies to art, to marriages, to careers, to hobbies …. easy is always first choice. It’s such a shame. Do we really know beauty, pain, words, love, sadness … if we only invest in them the bare minimum?

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