The Unwritten

Even if I have not written something, it still exists

I cannot refute its presence

By filling the pen with unknown ink and maligning it

The eyes may desire so many unfulfilled dreams

While the heart may be residing somewhere else

Unaware of all the commotion surrounding life

The beats cannot be unheard

Faint, exploring the idleness of a faraway world

It is not necessary the world will know what you seek

I may be visible in this reality, but still unfamiliar

To many, for there are too many images to compare

Few eyes glance at times

Occasionally ask about the roots, it’s a curious world

With a simple smile, I can hide my true identity

Until I am sure of finding the root that unwritten truth

I am sure it exists, but the pen may not be ready yet


2 thoughts on “The Unwritten

  1. Everyone has their own truth, as lopsided as it may seem at times. Everyone’s
    logic and truth is subjective to their reasoning, so I have to be open-minded to all altered states. Love Plato’s Cave as an example.

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