A Jealous Pleasure

Jealousy carries a type of inherent dullness. There is a certain cunningness to lure the gullible individual towards the jealous characteristics; introduced as the elixir to enhance one’s credibility and fuel passive-aggressive behaviour.

How comfortably jealousy blends itself with the native thoughts depends on eagerness, as well as, the promises made by its doctrines. The promises to endure, improve, and excel by adhering to the diktats triggers a new antithetical philosophy. As if new eyes develop to view people and society in a uniquely distorted way.

Jealousy is a trusted companion who can betray any moment. In fact, it catches you off-guard, at the most vulnerable time, when life around the individual seems difficult to deal with. Comparing one’s life with others! All the little monsters are gullible and invite jealousy with open arms.

Jealousy gives the narcissistic pleasure of self-love which actually destroys the individual’s ability to view life without its erroneous perspectives. It’s addictive and gives a guilty pleasure too!

When the mind is urged to become a bitter rival to the soul and emotions which spring from the foulest land, it can only bear poisonous fruits. Jealousy becomes a confidante and an overzealous partner in abetting the most heinous actions. Jealous emotions are confident of ruining the weak being. It carries this mission to ignite the most vicious fire!

No one can alter the character of a person like jealousy. It is easy to adopt and carry all the necessary ingredients to alter the character, perception, and focus. After destroying the dwelling and leaving the individual to the mercy of inclement weather, the demonic emotions leave to prey on other gullible characters. The wrath of jealousy spares none and compels one to be obsequious towards a vile attitude.


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