The Mystery of Poetry

Even if you read from end to end and from top to bottom, or, from the bottom to the top, you cannot stop your mind from confabulating. Is it about the metaphors? Is the poet trying to hide everything in plain sight and create a parallel environment?

There is no way to know for sure! Is this the reason why some are drawn to poetry and also turn away from it? Could be! Quite interesting, that poetic language seems to be crystal clear, and yet, hold those nebulous emotions; like, the universe holds the secret of life.

Poetry is truthful! Who can understand that truth? Where does it start from and where it ends? Or probably, the opening lines and the ending is related through a secret passage through the poet’s soul.

What is so alluring about poetry? At the same time, I have noticed people giving up on poetry rather exasperatedly. It’s like being caught in the contradictions of surrender and escape. Many prefer to escape the ever-expanding world of poetic expressions.

It is not about knowing the character of the poet- the background, the social status, the surrounding, the mental state, and personal life. Much more! It is difficult trying to know the poet, their persona, the psychological and philosophical wanderings (empirical experiences). I feel poetry may be a choice, but not for all; the mysterious creativity of poetry chooses an individual and prepares for the role of a poet too.

Like the chaotic order of the Universe, the world of verses is also chaotically conscious of their choices. Everything that may seem random, may not be so, after all. It is quite common to impose ‘failure to understand poetry’ to a ‘failed poet’; they become synonymous. This world is quite slippery and good for escapism!

The concentric world of poetry may be hallucinating for some, but it keeps expressing the emotions felt by the Universe its beings. Not that every little sound is audible, but some are more adept at listening to them.

Poetry surprises every time it is read! Maybe, such surprises either trigger some uncomfortable emotion in the reader or compel them to crush their beliefs at that moment of truth. The fear-factor of poetry is that it could be ‘cruelly honest’, or even ‘persistently honest’.

Poetry hosting the ghost can also be quite intimidating, for reality is already quite frightening. I believe the ‘aura’ of poetry not only shines brighter than the poet’s nature, but the pen becomes that special wand to create an eternal spell.

Probably, the most credible reason to be afraid of the cryptic nature of a poetic world and a poet’s perception; the perception to incisively cut through the reality and present a more credible one.

Whatever may be the love and fear for poetry is, let not the art of poetry suffer from frivolous expressions and prosaic verses. Poetry is, and will be, magical! Being excited by the secret world of poetry, and to some extent, the poet’s persona is an essential part of the journey.


8 thoughts on “The Mystery of Poetry

  1. I’ve always thought of poetry as being
    words that awaken Souls’ senses enough for
    minds to want to bathe in those lyrical words
    that come from the heart of profound experiences
    and/or empathy.
    Which means I totally agree with you.
    Sibyl X

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    1. Very well said! It does involve the soul and the soul of creativity and poetic expressions are as much of reality of the senses, the world, and also something much deeper involving the being. Poetry is a balance between reality and the transcendental; from which creativity is birthed.

      Thank you for the lovely comment.

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