Sceptical Morning and Detours

Some mornings are not morning enough! The dichotomy, whether it is in the thoughts or in the perception, splits the character of a morning into two conflicting characters. The characteristic of a man, who has not dreamt well and had ogres visiting them with odd signs, can become tipsy with the potent chaos.

Staring at the morning for more than its promised stay will drag on the next phase of the day; it isn’t advisable discussing an unfulfilled, unclear, and unceremonious exit of a morning. The choicest facade has been instrumental in the reconciliation. What if? If the rest of the day is (mis)directed by the uncanny morning.

There is no luxury of covering the face throughout the day and other chores are staring angrily at the lazy movement of a being who is bewildered by a masked morning. As if a masked intruder has entered to influence the morning to drop its true character, the pleasantness and bright predictions for the day.

Something unfamiliar puts the journey off-balance! It takes time; Ah! This time is such a wretch and usually spins a pathetic narrative. It alienates the home, takes the journey towards a different direction, and also puts some unnecessary burden to experience the harsh path. The gravel feels real and the friction unapologetic!

Humiliating times are deeply lonely or can be loneliest! Without friends, acquaintances, scope, hope, opportunities to become sceptical is paramount. The bare hands, empty stomach, and a delusional mind do not even mourn the failure of a morning. A sunrise without a surprise is a demeaning moment for the light too.

All the useless reasons that gather around a spinning head is sent into their unintended trajectories. Vicious spin to the trajectories ricochet and devastates the frail walls that were standing from the morning. Down! Down! Down! the clamour for a defeat inspired by a sceptic morning.


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