Rejecting Creativity

It is incredible, and in fact, magical that creativity is not disheartened by rejections so easily. The true essence of creativity finds its way, despite the vanishing channels. One has to channelise the inner resilience and creative passion to rise above temporary misunderstandings (it may not be entirely correct to assume that creativity will communicate with the right audience) and skillfully find the course it is intended to travel across.

Creativity may be rejected, but they may not be conveyed in a convincing manner. The cliches, the usual restrictions, the prejudices, and the aversion to delve deeper into creativity can shape the nature of response(s). We all believe that anything is possible in the world of creativity, the mind does push away something which does not conform to the contemporary narratives. 

There is always a cloud of traditional thinking that obscures the ability to see beyond the words and really step away from the interpretation vacuum. Yes, I feel there is such an environment where a lot of good creativity disappear. The perilous nature of such interpretations of creativity not only undermines the value of art but also hangs a question mark like the ‘Damocles sword’. 

The premature celebrations for those who reject creativity and their unceremonious surrender to the cliched thought processes can usher an environment of doubt over the evolution of creativity. If you are attuned to the ‘art of rejection’ compared to the ‘art of listening’ to new creativity, then it can be a careless conflict. 

Until and unless creativity can be perceived beyond the parochial and colloquial ideologies, it will never have a chance to express itself in new avenues. Creativity cannot wait; it will move ahead towards the intended journey and will realise its fate in spite of unceremonious rejections.

Rejecting creativity follows a pattern; the pattern of restricted thought processes which is held back by the ordinary perceptions. Failure is not fatal when it concerns creativity! 


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