The Intense Light

Looking intensely at the sage light of eternity

It’s not the poet’s eyes that runs the course today

Clearly, the spirit did not enter unwillingly

The dense savageness looks fatigued and defeated

It is not about recalling the dreams during sleep

Memories fade from the deepest layers of the mind

Sometimes it feels like an unintentional push

From the valley of false tranquillity towards a void

Some paths are not smeared and cannot be tracked

This is the course that evolves from nothingness

Abandoning the darkness for a more delightful light

What the eyes saw is going to become a mere spot

It feels dangerous to escape the strides of darkness

Bigger, stronger, and calamitous- it’s ruthless

While the spirit has faith to escape the infernal fire

Chances of survival give the eyes eternal hope

Before the blaze of destruction pounces on life


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