The Purpose of Purposelessness

People rarely find their real voice when it really matters! The protests of the moment are of retrospective thoughts and judgements thereafter. Complicit or not, the muddled times and heady ideas seem to be more alluring; sometimes, the vacuous feeling of being left behind is also a stimulating factor.

Time is perceived to be a nemesis, the obnoxious judge, and it becomes essential to join the tumultuous movement of uprooting the senses and voices that propound sensible narratives. It is common behaviour to rebel; not only the pressures of collective consciousness but the continuous discipline appear to be monotonous. Till then, the banality of such rebellion is unrealised.

It is mundane to quote someone else’s wisdom, but it is quite common. The purpose of reflecting the perspectives of another mind can’t really alleviate the self of the burden of mindless pursuits. It is impossible to absolve the struggling spirits from demonic influences. The impersonation of an individual, a collection of a contrary school of thoughts, and progressive philosophical narratives paint a sorrowful caricature.

Unconscious plaudits, the unceremonious celebrations, and fatal euphoria flow abundantly. The flow contaminates the rich culture and leaves behind a trail of woes and panic. When nature is inhumane and frivolous ideologies spur fatal uprisings, time becomes a helpless spectator. The raging fire can only decline after they satiate their gluttony!

Hordes of baloney! The trials are unavoidable, but the diabolic minds like to witness devastation, and as history says, inspire an unprecedented downfall. Fate is strangulated, and life denied the vibrancy of positivity can only pray to the Universe. Dwindling consciousness is a blotch on the Universe’s pattern, and also a glaring aberration.

Prolonged contempt for the self, indifference and discrimination arises from the teachings of doubtful beliefs. Tainted guides and their misguidance indoctrinate the gullible minds. The squalor of lies, cheating, and war becomes the principle highlight of existence. A travesty of the other shadows of life uncontrolled!


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