The Esoteric Fonts

The fonts of the earth are esoteric; a language of a more conscious nature rarely resonates with the commonly spoken ones. Such a language does not clamour for space and has the essential rhythm of the universe. The language of such clarity do not congregate at a place for long; they dissipate into the ephemeral reality. Only keen senses have the ability to read and interpret them within the time decided by the consciousness.

So many stories are unsorted, purposeless, and misdirected like the dangerous projectiles. Harrowing thoughts transform the actions into a desperate pursuit. The imagery coalesces with the stubborn surface of a narcissistic mirror. The reflections become scornful and spine-chilling! No one invites the darkness when it is settled comfortably in every possible particle of existence.

The world feels colder than it actually is! It gets colder and pathologically damp, and thus, starts the breeding of the ghoulish dreams. So many stories woven with such a demoniac language express the sinister side of the characters. Who creates them? The creator’s mind becomes a curious world of hegemonic, and most of the time, an egocentric narrative.

So many different types of ghastly details embedded in the bones send shivers across the erroneous architecture of a being. When consciousness bathes daily in the poisoned rivers, the negativity seeps permanently and prepares a deadly concoction to sedate the ability to perceive the real world of esotericism and freedom.

Such ideologies feel foreign and the scepticism slashes with a severe scythe to sever the roots of a bridge. There are no more connections, for the passage towards the other world is damaged forever.

The feeling of unbelonging, the longing for someone to listen, and the persistent void perpetrates a vicious attack on the entire being. The persona changes according to the principles of the darkest feelings. They do not remain stories anymore but become warnings for the entire world to take note.

A genuine warning is unheeded, and the self-destructive being erodes the sense with gluttony. There are no plausible reasons for being attracted to the ghastly world of hideous darkness when lights are there to lead the stories towards freedom. Probably, the warped world reflects sharply to warn the dissenters.


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