Hypotheses and Reality

The hypotheses of ignorance against the crude reality of extreme devastation of consciousness that couldn’t care less about the plight of knowledge suffering from apathy and willful erosion.

Careless cannot be the usual narrative and escape route for those who hold power and are more interested in its abuse. Every little plot is conceived in the Mephistophelian world. You know, it’s a deal of a fiendish nature!

Actions have consequences; those who think otherwise, have been fooled by the shrewd minds who are custodians of this fatal transition. It becomes natural and a tradition! Somewhere in the duality of existence, there occurs a time when the other character becomes too bold and mischevious. Held by the lure, but ruined by its demonic ambitions.

It becomes a disastrous game of disguising a gullible soul and sending it for a perilous journey; just to test the course that may be camouflaged by the enemies of the devil. Yes, the definition of enemies has undergone a pernicious transformation. It is no succour for the evil tribes to cite the historical blunders, plunders, and diabolical thunders.

Deep messages of life are intercepted by them; it could be the reward for being servile and a docile servant to the evilest forces of existence. Probably, birthed from the denouement of a world far away from here. At the middle of a turmoil, the rogue particles may have come together to form a replica of a world that will thrive on rage.

It’s all about the energy being in the inimical environment and nature altered at the command of a hysterical and fanatical character. The hypotheses still stand, and warped narratives are woven around in a mysterious way to defend this evil territory from awakening and positive consciousness. What a deal!

There are so many missing pages! Some are deliberate, others have been torn away, and some burnt in the hellish fire as an offering. There is no chance of reading the entire story from the beginning until the end; the missing pages are evident, but cannot be questioned. These are persistent voids to transform the reader.


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