The Darkness that is Difficult

Waiting for that light to comfort sleep when the night is frighteningly dark. Even the mind cannot dare to imagine a new dream; its solitude drifts towards another reality. A meek passage to escape the expanse of a dark dramatic deluge that threatens to erode the shrinking space. From where the cultic thoughts arose is difficult to trace, but one can never be allowed to transgress and walk back towards the origin.

Some incidents appear to be random, but the keen eyes connect them into a pattern. Crazy arches appear against the backdrop of a darkened stage. Can all this be a conspiracy to diminish the free landscapes of life? For now, everyone has to bend or bow before entering the gates that appeared overnight. The structures, ruggedly strong, with designs of some cryptic order.

It all seems to be a parallel journey through another reality; as if, they have dispersed without much thought after receiving some formidable order from the core of a convulsive reality. The darkness is not unreal, but life’s twists and turns feel dizzying and drastic. The alternate world becomes a reality, rather transforms into one, after the upheavals of the antithetical time.


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