The Freedom to not Listen

If I were to speak of something unknown, would you try to stop me because it makes you nervous? It’s perhaps the usual feeling to be wary is such situations! That feeling of uneasiness paints a melancholic feature and the eyes become hauntingly gloomy.

Looking at them is saddening, but there is no way I can walk back and change the course to return with an alternative story. You know, they do not dole out stories in bunches and is absolutely firm when it comes to not listening to them after being offered.

I can understand the beliefs, validations, affirmations, and other promises that are to be honoured; sometimes, they become a burden on the being and subjected to long hours of questioning. The questions may be nothing more than the usual conformations to ensure your adherence to the expected course.

Even pacifists are blamed for not speaking too often, and especially, not in unison, to support the prevailing sentiments. The unreasonable demands have their reasons too; they are flawed, but they manage to permeate the psyche without a hindrance. The purpose of dogmatic views is to erase the resilience and free will, and eventually, bow down to the pressures of a common misadventure.

I feel, there is way too much mind wasted on finding faults with the truth and questioning their authenticity. There is obtuse rationalism to reject them in an effort to build a pyramid of false consensus. It is uneasy to give up the restlessness and settle for less credible stories. I know, you will not listen to me, but pretend to do so! Within, that sinister voice urging you to start deriding my reasoning. All of me would be drivel!

There is always a tendency to strip the truth ruthlessly! The freedom to choose ignorance over the constraints to prefer the truth wears out the man from inside out. The tussle is for real- it may be a dichotomy or a monomaniacal preoccupation with the convincing lies.

The unknown will be carried with me, deep down, to some inconspicuous corner of the world. That which is known after that is oppressive and convincingly rude with the meek voices who may wish to speak the truth one day. When you do not have the freedom to listen to me, I cannot blame you for ignoring me so faithfully.


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