One Sense Fails

It’s the failure of olfactory! Yes, there is no way of moving ahead or following the course, when there is a sense of eerie slow motion and then an abrupt halt. The delights of a silent world are viewed from a new perspective. It is also a new experience for the eyes to believe in those relentless movements with neurotic acoustic; it may well end up in a state of acousticophobia.

The inability to smell the dangers of an uncontrolled acrobatic world affects the reflexes too. Sometimes, the inertia feels feverish, and an unknown entity starts speaking loudly; sounds more like pontificating on the predicament. What’s odd? The exterior senses dance in a mannerless way to ridicule the stalled journey.

What happens to that subliminal consciousness? For now, it feels, there is no kind of signal emanating from there either. Somehow, the situation feels shrouded in paranoia. The paradoxical situation of idleness and certain alien energy of enthusiasm to break away from this moment of weakness. It is a weakness! One of the failures has pressed the panic mode in the being.

It will be utter stupidity to ease into a daydream or deep sleep. The world feels hypnotic! The mumbo jumbo echoes loudly, in fact, it becomes the primary language to propagate a notion of reality that not only blemishes the other sense but also turns every reason to an asinine theory.

Initial torpor transforms into an uneasy situation, fulfilled by the immense absurdity of the cynically magical reality. It’s where idiots praise the extravagant show of strength of the idiocracy. The senses may be delimiting the reality they are willing to accept, but that time recoils at this crisis is also an ominous sign. From now, every little provocation will be replied in a hasty, and even, a fatal manner.

Someone running away with the abilities and dreams is manifested in the self-destructive nature of interpretation of reality turned rogue. As if everything is underlined with a sinister line, to emphasise the gravity of the situation. Well, there is no way to fix the malfunctioning olfactory, but for now, one has to negotiate with rascals.


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