The Deserted Paths are Fascinating

Some paths are easily deserted! It is not because of the inclement weather or some unwelcoming feelings. Some perceptions can easily build a quite challenging scenario about the surrounding environment. This path is not just a winding thoroughfare, but a lifeline across the wilderness of many unknown experiences.

The most challenging part of the journey is being pushed against one’s will, and eventually, convincing them about the partisan definition of a successful journey. It is easy to give in compared to the scorns and seclusion of choosing a different journey.

It is perhaps the temerity of a path that endures such harsh behaviour and still makes its way through the mysterious terrains. Here, there is idleness blended with noiselessness. Much emphasis on the silence compared to the unnecessary and prevalent dialogues in the exhaustingly busy part of the world.

When communications become talkative, confused, agitated, fragile, abusive, arrogant, and depreciating, the mundanity of its effort entangles the entire narrative across a warped reality. Challenges are sought in asinine behaviours, trying to surpass the foolish challenges inspired by the frenzy.

Sincere thoughts become an endangered species, and there is no effort to save them either. The beauty of this universe is strained by a pathological dilemma. The easy chances for the insecure become the path crowded with impatient feet. So many genuine thoughts are trampled, and the untrammelled ways listen to the echoes of a highly agitated reality.

The convoluted curves of this journey are devoid of any beautiful peaks and the sunrays fall unceremoniously on the artificial façade of an extremely greyish structure. Several other structures mimicking the grotesque original design raise their head for survival. 

It is easy to get carried away by the convenience of an inconvenient but popular ideology. The deserted path is overshadowed by the sinister shadows of a reality gone awry. The perplexing looks, dissatisfied hearts, and subservient minds contribute to the existing chaos.

The rewards for such contributions are far more lucrative compared to the satisfaction of journeying the deserted road. The affluence of the deserted road and the radiant valleys are only for the chosen few.


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