The Complexities of Oversimplification

We may be making things even more complicated by oversimplifying the intricacies. It is a common behaviour to perceive things as complex. It is thought to be an unnecessary addition to the already convoluted narrative that’s mired in fallacious hypotheses.

It is even more complicated to label everything as simple and thinks that it will be simpler to comprehend them. A deliberate dilution of an idea, creativity, and effort has become a bane for quality expressions.

A tired mind and prejudiced eyes are a complicated combination which shuns all form of necessary complexities in literature, Art, and any form of creativity. The proliferation of the unnecessarily simplified and coarse language does not justify the essence of those thoughts that are inspired by life, nature, and experiences.

The persistent dangers of living in a state of confusion affect the logic of a reflection process; the reflections become rippled, disturbing, and is entirely lost in the puddle of oversimplification.

There has been a considerable shift from understanding a piece of creativity to the overpowering factors of likeability. The likings are whimsical too! The tendencies to overlook the creative effort to the ubiquitous sameness (accepted nonsense) deliver injustice to not only the creator but also reflect poorly on the prevailing thought process.

Weakening the mind amplifies in the daily actions, reactions, and consequences. The troubles of overlooking the perceived complexities can usher a time of outrage over any narrative that does not conform to the rigid ideologies of wrongful simplification.

Perhaps, the cognitive bias also plays a significant role in thinking and decision-making. As the devolution of pedagogy and metacognition occurs with the continuous effort by pushing a fallacious narrative to impressionable minds.

This propaganda is cunningly made mainstream to abhor anything that is perceived to be complex, especially, if they threaten to destabilise the oversimplified nonsense.

We forget there is also an underlying simplicity in complex thoughts! From where they emanate and how they try to express their meaning is overlooked and that is how the bias towards complexities is birthed. If you fail to understand the intricacies of creativity then it means that a continuous judgemental error is affecting the perception towards serious work. It is one thing to be deceived by oversimplification, but it is a failure to rectify the biases.


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