The emotional, psychological, and social well-being of an individual can only be facilitated by a healthy environment. A society that is accepting, tolerant, and keen on listening patiently. In an interconnected world, incidents of intolerance and conflicts can affect anyone, especially children. When adults falter and are incapable of being the positive role-model for the future generation, they grow up despising them. We cannot think of a healthy society without being compassionate and tolerant. Learn about different cultures, their philosophies, and you will only find the common theme of humanity.

We are unnecessarily talking about peace without being peaceful

We are unaware of our strengths and weaknesses and try to impose our erroneous ideologies on others

We are careless listeners and complain of not being heard

We nurture passive-aggressive behaviour and manifest it in a dangerous way to hurt our loved ones, friends, and acquaintances

We believe fake news on media, give it our sinister spin and propagate them

We have knowledge but we fail to interpret them as they should be

We are compounding the problems, harming the mental health and destroying the generations to come

We are dreaming of changing everyone without trying to change in a positive manner

As we wait for everything to be perfect, we are missing out on exploring the beautiful relationship we have with this Universe

We are becoming suspicious of loving and being loved because of erroneous perceptions

We are thinking less of our abilities; while weakening and faltering at the behest of coercion from fraudulent groups

We are gravely discussing the problems, adding to the woes, becoming universal pessimists

We are likening our dreams to darknesses of different types and shadowing the growth of new ideas

The wave of anti-intellectualism and dilution of knowledge can only become a vacuous argument for the argumentative



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