From The Solitude

You may hate the solitude

But it is mine; not a fantasy or a dream I hold on to

It comes and goes as it pleases

Prefers to stay, a little bit longer

Just next to me and afar, there is a conundrum

About the kind of weather

Yes, this is where my dreams are collected

I wish! They come to me, for I can read them

Interpret them at leisure

Solitary is not me, not who I am

It is about isolated dreams; much different

From the usual diluted stories

This is time life is perceived to be remote

Where people cannot interfere

Ah! The frustrations for who cannot disturb

Interventionism and foolish adventurism

The saga of disturbances and accusations

Lies are thicker than truth

Those who spit out lies more often

The stagnant stories, slushy and irritable

Yes, solitude is like an elixir

Silence is like the rare herbs of nature


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