Some Moments of Unrest

Some moments are remembered in the epics, repeatedly

We can only understand their fragments from recitations

Different voices, rhythm, and the spirits of those passages

It is not about mistrust, but the interpretations are different

Sometimes elaborate, others believe in brevity, while some are cryptic

Narrated in nebulous moments, while others, in daring light

Breezy readings, as if the entire epic reveals itself easily

Most of the times, the conspiracies of time make it difficult

The confessions there make the listeners furious

So much truth of wisdom is too much for humans to suffer

A conflict between nature’s principles and our perceptions

An epic cannot be blamed and abandoned for its purity

The fragments may not be understood, but they stab the conscience

From the infinite to the finiteness, the bridges are blurry

Obsessed with the daily hearings and trials

Life rests heavily on the heart and mind- a burden insurmountable

Some moments from the epic reveals the nervousness


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