Evening Festivity

The evening wants to wear a festive look

A dream that woke up in the morning wishes to settle down

Tired of running around the places at frequent paces

The chase is endless, but the threshold draws the line

Memories from the frolicsome days now saunter casually

Looks like life is uninterested in the stories

Difficult going ahead; those flock of thoughts delay

A life that has been named and dreams once borrowed

Feels wryly about the festivities of an evening

Dreary eyes see the moon in an insipid colour

What’s worth of those light that twinkles in the sky?

Weariness  a stubborn disguise

Life has to feel sorry for the feelings of merriment

Is it not harsh on a bright evening?

Yes, twilight will bring another darkness

But this is different and ebullient that yesterday’s

Not to wear off the lovely dreams

An evening of festivity will bring some happiness

All the nothingness feels great again


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