The Arguments

No one likes the preachy tone,

Yet, the minds dither trying to solve the dilemma.

Expect the conversations are not pushed further.

Against the legitimate arguments;

The stars may be aligned wrong, but foibles are unuttered,

It becomes an unwritten agreement.

The willingness to differ with those cosmic intersections,

A feeling of overpowering the darkness world.

Impose the diktats on the lit up minds,

For they cannot abandon the cause of a fallacious journey.

Such conversations are picked up for scrutiny;

All the arguments have been won with a battle-

A battle of unrighteousness to defeat any morality.

Yes, the oceans have erupted another reality,

Even the fossils speak with clarity.

The lust to delete their existence and voices;

Censure has worked firmly over preachy tones.



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