When Thoughts are Determined

It requires a self-determined mind to cultivate your thoughts, only that is your own, which is not affected by biases. When it is time to consolidate your thoughts, do not give on to the immense pressure of diluting the individuality with majoritarianism. It is foolishness to feel privileged in an environment that changes every millisecond. The particles which compose a thought are unique in that sense. There are numerous gaps to be bridged, some abysses to cross, and even different worlds to be realised, and only independent thoughts can help attain clarity.

There should be a lot of reasoning and judgement to be considered before arriving at a conclusion. It is quite common to adhere to traditional literal meanings of ideologies and accusing them of being too specific. Most of them are; they have been through a claustrophobic passage dictated by critical minds. Most of the time, there is little scope to ponder on individual thoughts when the crowd is crowded with a multitude of unnecessary errands.

It is better to unburden the erroneous draconian principles that have lead to supremacist beliefs. That an individual is supposed to be irrational, is against the concepts with which the brain (the consciousness) is gifted. There are immense possibilities to be arrived at with the help of innumerable thoughts which are being proposed by the universe (the reason for existence and consciousness). To think of being independent and free of the principles of eternal possibilities is a fatal flaw!


12 thoughts on “When Thoughts are Determined

  1. Such an awesome content! once again, you did it Amitav, thank you for this. These past few months, I felt like I’ve lost myself in the process of adjusting to the new world that I’m in, I feel like my thoughts aren’t really pushing me right now, and I don’t know why, I’m not really sure if it’s just another episode of my writer’s block or did i just lose my sense of being a writer. Regardless, seeing this freeing written blog entry of yours, it lead sparks of hope flicker inside my head. More power to your writing!

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    1. Thank you so muhc, Louise!

      Never give up on your writing. Take your time and don’t rush through the journey of writing. Let the ideas come to you and keep reading more books. I hope to read something from you soon.

      I am glad, you found this piece inspiring. Here’s wishing you the best!

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  2. Sometimes these abysses are too deep to bridge.
    I agree it takes a lot of reasoning and judgement before arriving at a conclusion. Hence, misunderstandings and misjudgements. People do precisely the opposite. There’s too much bias in humans.

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    1. To go within to analyse our inherent thoughts that are independent of all influences takes immense effort. When we arrive at such a judgement, with clarity, the conclusions are thought to be incoherent to a conformed world. The principles of existence and life is forgotten, and the genesis of our thoughts lose their relevance in a hyper-rational world.

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  3. Wonderful writing; I appreciate your style. I’ve been focused on gathering clarity myself these days and it has taken discipline, time and self-isolation to gather the power of my thoughts. I also appreciate what you said about the duration and effort required before a conclusion is strong… I had to first learn that change is the norm in a thinking life, that way I feel found enough to not get so attached to my conclusions. Of course, they themselves seen rather fluid… Is that your experience as well or do you think that, given enough time, personal conclusions become more stable? Thanks… Tam

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    1. Thank you so much, Tam. I am glad you shared your thoughts after reading this piece.

      First of all, I like the course you have taken to analyse and form thoughts. It is indeed powerful to have an independent thought that can take you ahead towards the next destination. Also, the restrictions of time imposed on us do not justify the flow of existence and life. So, in that hurried state, we either have to rely on the knowledge given to us through education or follow the conformed ways to take a decision; but it is not really an independent one if we analyse it.

      How much we are willing to analyse and form a thought, regardless of the cultural influences and religious beliefs, depends on the individual. Freethinkers come up with thoughts that do not fit into the scheme of human existence of relying on set ideas and thoughts that can help create a reality of objects to survive. We direct our consciousness to the ‘practical’ school of thinking. Yes, our thoughts are schooled and institutionalised!

      As you said about the ‘fluid’ nature of thoughts, I think life itself flows through the Universe. Not being restricted to reality, the possibilities of many realities, are the tributaries.

      As for the clarity of conclusions. I have mentioned here about “environment that changes every millisecond…” the acceptance and the willingness to adapt to that change comes after lot of introspection. A pure reason, thought survives independently and the only conclusion that creates a balance (I would not call them stable conclusion (s)) between the reality of my being and the changes that occur around me.

      I had written a piece quite early in my blog on thoughts, it may or may not have the same essence like this one but if you have time you could read it. Here’s the link- https://amitavchowdhury.wordpress.com/2016/10/15/thoughtful-thoughts-and-progress/

      Let me know what you think. Feel free to share your thoughts.


      1. Hello Amitav! Thanks for the well-thought-out reply: there is a lot for me to unpack here. The first thing that stands out as a refreshing notion is that original thought is indeed possible; I have always felt that pulling completely away from the “practical” school of thinking was nigh impossible…that there was “nothing new under the sun,” but if what you say about thoughts and the universe is true then original thought could be attained with much practice and discipline. A highly encouraging notion. I think that your concept of “reason born of introspection” contributes to my notions about meaning-making and the importance of such in a full and healthy life. Thanks again–I will have a look at more of your blog now 🙂

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      2. Thank you once again, Tam.

        These philosophical discussions can lead us to new thought processes. We have to change the direction, probably a new way, where there is incoming knowledge and just you. It’s all there to absorb; thoughts that is all yours, because you have chosen to unlearn the mainstream thoughts and ideologies to understand and create completely new thoughts. ☺

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