From Nowhere

Things that were found drowned in the thoughts A moment of reluctance, then indulgence, sprouts of confusion Split in the middle; the forced germination and feeble roots of trepidation Speculating the things that the heart seems to have lost Irony! They were there, eyes glanced over them, but chose to ignore Obstinacy, thou shall try to choke the voices of sincerity That rare gleam of … Continue reading From Nowhere

Moments Lapse

A moments lapse widens the chasm Yes, the journey continues through naysayers’ claims Paths riven with a force vigorous and pernicious When contemplated nothing, choices become violent Pledging over the banality- time utters new diktats Walking across the reality; a rhythm of silent rampage Lusty eyes speak of the diabolical dreams Cosmic silence is a mysterious language to interpret Cryptic signs, designs other-worldly, appear faintly … Continue reading Moments Lapse