From Nowhere

Things that were found drowned in the thoughts

A moment of reluctance, then indulgence, sprouts of confusion

Split in the middle; the forced germination and feeble roots of trepidation

Speculating the things that the heart seems to have lost

Irony! They were there, eyes glanced over them, but chose to ignore

Obstinacy, thou shall try to choke the voices of sincerity

That rare gleam of satisfaction from the destructive hobbies

Race to claim everything after emptying the feelings

They are hoarded somewhere; the reluctant world pushes them further

Oblivion, not of existence, but there is irresponsibility

And chaos over things to be accumulated and destroyed

Then create replicas from cloned ideas and relentless chaos

The claustrophobic crowding of similar madness

Cheering for everything that feebly sprouts from the nervousness


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