Bowing Down

A dreadful dream of everything bowing due to intense pressure

A grim desire to be in a pride posture and look scornfully

The dishevelled reality will be pulled away and folded

Discarded somewhere in a dilapidated structure- a reminder of past conflicts

Yes, the clocks are too tired to move ahead at a frantic pace

The feeble tick-tock announces the dreary moments

One by one, the half-open doors close; looks like the domino effect

Those shy curious faces hide behind them forever

Disappears the human interest from any new dreams

They are perceived to be ill-omen, from the unknown world

Hope feels alien to the residents of persistent dreariness

Paper-thin courage is unable to resist the gust of melancholy

Slender structures fall unceremoniously, as if, they too bow down


2 thoughts on “Bowing Down

  1. Thoughtful words, Amitav.
    Going along with the popular sentiment, we feel the time running frantically when the balance wheel weighs down on the positive pole and vice-versa. It’s amazing to watch how the external milieu changes through the prism of our mood swings. When one is happy, the whole world seems like a spring canvas, bright and blooming. And when one is gloomy, everything looks like a sepia-tinted canvas 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Deepa! ☺

      Mind is so powerful and we are yet to realise its potential. Engaged with mundane and traditional beliefs, we fail to see or feel anything beyond this reality. Time, I feel, is a constraint; given the definition set by us. When time and space is in perfect harmony, the true reality emerges.
      As you rightly said, we are affected by the extrinsic factors and manifest the turmoil in various ways. The behavioral anomalies and incoherence leads to obsession with negativity and melancholy.

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