The Boy

The boy could only stand between the light source to cast a feeble shadow on the ground. His silence was perceived to be his weakness, and his slender structure was inappropriate for the chaotic world. A world that plunges into a dangerous phase of conflicts that swallow the bravest.

His eyes swallow the dangerous images in a stoic manner. Benumbed by the repeated lashes of stupid self-destruction! The fallen images hug the ground with their feeble last breath and the speck of dust hovers around the faces like a mysterious mist of disturbed fragments.

It’s like an intense communication when the final push towards another world cannot be resisted anymore. The whispers to the ground probably echo in the sinister depths of the world, travelling in a dangerous territory, where they will be lost forever.

A boy, who reflects on these events, having lost any interest in the continuous denaturing of languages. He keeps silent to preserve its sanctity! He realised, how his speeches could be misinterpreted and held against him; likely to be presented as evidence of his indifference to conformities.

He does not wish to make a difference or leave any footprint on the ground that is giving away too soon. False steps of a deceptive world have transformed this reality into an intense battle of thorny perceptions; yes, they puncture the conscience too in a deliberate attempt to lacerate the remaining consciousness. He wishes the freedom of not uttering any hostile words by pretending to be silent and indifferent.

He surrendered his expressions to the secret mirror, where he pledged to stay in this state of silent resilience. He suspended his feelings at some obscure precipice and wished them to be taken away by the winds with good intentions. Now he feels lighter than everyone! He is not a mere boy, an anomaly of a conscious nature, who wishes to free himself from the constraints of a warring world.

No one will notice him or try to start any communication that will link his existence to the shackles of conformity. His feelings have probably found an abode by now; thanks to the generous gusts. As he sits here in a different position when the world shifts precariously towards another deeply disturbing chaos, he can perceive something that the entire world is oblivious of.

Yes, he is a child with a different fate and his perceptions run parallel to the narrative of a reality woven from a mechanical analysis. Here, unity is opportunistic, and the fragile agreement can be shattered in a blink. He never wanted to be trusted by the suspicious world! He became aware of the perils and adopted silence and intense observations. His expressions became meaningless to the chaotic world, as he looked for the signs of a profound change. His shadow will not obstruct the light anymore or bridge the two worlds! 


7 thoughts on “The Boy

  1. Very strategic thinking boy, I guess he adapted to his immediate surroundings and lost his innocence/impulsivity erratic behaviors that go with the child development and grew up fast…understandable

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    1. The world is in such a rush to influence children, may be in an erroneous way. Unfortunate, that a world believes is the coercive and conformed changes, rather than develop individual consciousness to create a better environment.

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  2. This piece reminds me of Gabriel Garcia( One Hundred Years of Solitude). I had read it twice. First, many years back, I did not get it, I was applying myself to the words. I re-read it later when meanings started to emerge from each word.
    True that the world view will always be centered around conformity and conventionality. Nonconformity and the unconventional are seen as cringeworthy, unforgivable and relegated to the fringes than the center. Silence is the best sword in such a scenario.
    Loved the allegory 🙂

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    1. One of my favorite book! I really love that book, even ‘Love in the time of Cholera’; just brilliant! As you said, thse books have to be re-read, their intricate storytelling are masterpieces and metaphors, brilliant. These books have so much meaning.

      I feel it is a struggle severing the ties with chaos and conformity. The free thinkers are thought to be disruptive and a bad influence. Sigh!

      I am gald you liked the way I have narrated this piece. ☺

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