Between Reflections

Walled by the mirrors

Reflections hate each other

Tediousness creeps in

Feelings claustrophobic

Due to lack of air

Freshness of variety

Eyes feel dull

Absorbing the images

Oh! They are shrewd

Won’t allow anyone

To interpret-

Except for those reflections

Carefully attired

By the same ideologies

One addiction is enough

They speak too much

A comforting language

Of self-praise and hatred

Depending on the temper

Happiness is short-lived

Egoism survives

It survived through ages

Through folklore

Appealed to the delusions

Walls closed in

Yes, the mirrors are tough

Heavy reflections

Of captivity and melancholy

They discuss sometimes

In a hushed tone

Antagonism is the theme


9 thoughts on “Between Reflections

  1. It is close to impossible to change a narcissist. Narcissus fell in love with his reflection, rejected all his suitors and even death could not alter him. Hemmed in by egoism, they are destined to get lost in their reflections.
    Another thoughtful post, loved it 🙂

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