Little Significance

Not much can be done with the paralyzed truth

Trying to arouse the untruths for brief pleasures

When the souls have been taken away from life

It speaks feebly and crawls to the nearest lies

Acquired taste becomes an obsession that lasts

The essence of the secret underground intrigues

It’s not infallibility but the truth that’s benumbed


10 thoughts on “Little Significance

  1. I’ve always found truth to be relative to the one holding on to it as it relates to state of mind. Each time I visit an aunt, who suffers from alzheimer’s, she’s shooing the dogs from the kitchen and I cannot debate her truth though her physical body is in a hospital bed.

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    1. The mind is so powerful and transforms due to certain experiences. There can by many realities and truths parallely imagined by the mind; contrary to the manmade ones (society, principles, theories, and hypotheses). Not everything can be determined by science and controlled laboratory experiments. Studying the brain can only lead to that much. but to really understand the individual’s thoughts (where it comes from) can be guessed.

      I am sorry to hear about your aunt. Sending her my wishes, and I am sure her loved ones will take good care of her.

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      1. Absolutely. The mind is powerful and can definitely split into several realities at once. In those spaces between firing neurons, anything is possible in the realm of memories.

        Thank you for your empathy. She is always surrounded by family who allow her to be herself, whatever state it may be at the time.

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    1. Truth is that we are and the inherent thoughts, not afflicted by the usual reality. We often do not believe the metaphysical because it cannot be explained. That’s where the conflict is. We do have a relationship with that reality first no matter how much we try to sever the ties.

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      1. Philosophers’ have struggled with the definition of truth. Their experiences translated into theories and their tributaries do lead us somewhere, but we have to surrender to our being and search for the rest (with our experiences) and try to link it to the main stream of consciousness (Universal consciousness/supraconscious).

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