The Expansion

During expansion, many things disappear! Some of them are relegated to the idle corner of the memory, while others, relatively unknown, fade out without a trace. They may not be insignificant, but their fate pulled them towards an early exit. It is difficult linking them to the stored memories because they rarely leave a trail of expectations. I am referring to ‘thoughts’, that have been accumulated but unsorted, and the others, who did not have a fighting chance to speak. Their premature exit may be triggered by an insecure eraser. Negativity is that dangerous eraser!

In between, there arises another vast expanse of doubts, immense self-assurance and another round of scepticism. The initial doubts may vary in intensity, but the ending scepticism has a degree of arrogance. Writings which emanate from an introverted world always face such sceptical commentaries. It is inevitable! The pace at which change occurs within an individual does not resonate with the extrinsic demands. A world is artificially paced to set the rhythm according to the clocks of development and maintain an investigative eye on the populace.

The insouciance of a creative eye is a perceptibly worrying contrast with the regulated one. When a writer creates a story, it can be labelled ‘dystopian’, by the frivolous critics. Such literature may even be rejected by the readers for the fear of being misunderstood as rebels. The whiff of silent rebellion by identifying an iota of such sentience can invite the passive wrath of society; wound up in an overpowering culture is hysteria. The icons crafted with shrewd ideas are awe-inspiring and influences the already influenced by a created world of delusional grandeur.

When the expansion occurs, knowingly or unknowingly, the delusions are drowned in a wave of insanity. Yes, the alternate images who can rival any sensible narrative with that insecure eraser. The abrasions are harsh, and deliberate crumbs of those erased thoughts and bruised pages extoll the virtues of a world gone awry. The stupid silence prevailing over the disappearing landscapes of vibrant thoughts are not only worrying but speak of inappropriate priorities.

The impending pandemonium that is waiting to explode on the faces of silliness cannot be gauged by the revellers. A world drowned in unnecessary noise and decibels of abuse is a formidable force that can destroy the thought process. It is difficult containing those precious intrinsic thoughts in a constricting labyrinth of meanness. The fraudulent expansionism can only alter the already resigned ideologies but will fail to restrict the independent and fierce thoughts which carry eternal resilience.


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