Till Creativity Finds Acceptance

As we believe there are limitless opportunities for creativity, we also cannot deny the stubborn gates locked by unbelievers and sceptics, who try to prevent its progress. If they are being festooned by ulterior motives, audacious promotions and boastful imagery can gain passage through the stubborn gates quite easily.

With bizarre contradiction like these, we can rarely trace the narrow passages of hope and existence. For creativity to view the world, a window has to be carved out to perforate the walls. The walls would never have breathed before that moment; cold, adamant, and grotesque indifference between the layers hardened by such ideologies.

Unbridled valleys of endless roads and clear stream tributaries exist in fantasies. In reality, there are ideas to initiate incessant hiccups and create a landscape full of sordid tales of dissatisfaction, jealousy, and failures. A devious theory of any age was to discriminate and fracture the essence of creativity. There have been many lamenting moments, but those creative pieces endured the onslaught of senseless pride and criticism.

There are so many instances when creativity is celebrated in retrospect, the long-dead artists defined as ‘ahead of their times’ and ‘iconoclastic’. They will remain in the confines of such definitions, but they eventually break free of the stereotypical perceptions. A busy society rarely considers such creative pursuits and creativity (Writing, Art, Poetry, Sculpture, Architecture, Literature) of any value. They were patronized less by intellectualism and chronicled in a haughty language; the artists’ mentioned in the footnotes.

Creativity is erroneously summarised and truncated by immature perceptions. There are deliberate attempts to dilute the vibrant and liberal colours with different shades of narcissistic schemes. It is a common habit to leave put the artists’ opinion! Thus, the structures of critical studies miss the most important facet. Due to indifference, it was considered inessential to interview the artist, as creativity was considered to be their gift exposed to criticism and offensive scrutiny.

In spite of all these prevailing anomalies, there have been many critics and historians who tried to salvage the true essence of creativity and the creators’ ideologies. Such literature is precious for those who are willing to read the narrative that dared to create a window through the stubborn walls; for creativity to breathe and witness the rare occasions when their true nature is reflected across the unbridled valleys.

At times of inconsistencies, convenient leanings and outright contempt, creativity have been projected as an arrogant aberration. Instead of being hailed, the artists are being vilified for their honest storytelling! Creativity cannot be patronised solely by ulterior motives, and to glorify the purposeless heroism.


9 thoughts on “Till Creativity Finds Acceptance

      1. I agree. It is from that sensivity that creative work is birthed. But that could also be the nemesis of a creative person. I feel, the inasanity to create is the Artist’s relentless journey to translate what they absorb from this universe.

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