The Commotion and Peace

Creative commotion is quite common, but we may not realise the contradictions that arise due to the confabulations. Apart from the constant debates, quite cunning at times, there could be a tussle in connivance with a contrary ideology.

Curiosity takes an ominous turn in the midst of muddled times! Creativity dismantles the status quo and urges the collective disturbances to laboriously travel through the unknown ways like a vagabond. There may be long stretches of scarce inspirations and intermittent emergence of few oases. It may not be that pristine, but the sudden change in the deficient nature is a welcome transformation.

How does the creative instinct survive hostile periods? It can be resilience, indifference towards hearsay, and undivided attention to the creative journey. The experimental pursuits are perilous as it demands many sacrifices but offer few rewards.

The chimeric future may clash with the constant creative struggle. There is no simple solution to defeat the resilient negativity. Surviving in the cocoon of a creative illusion and then metamorphosing, in spite, of the antagonistic nature is a phenomenon. Probably, the creative soul is bestowed with a predetermined fate to bloom against all odds.

Catharsis flows like an untamed river! Through the course, it erodes many areas of consciousness and settles the new ideas in an unexplored creative dimension. It can be a difficult territory to navigate. One has to trust the artistic instincts to carve out favourable pathways that will lead you to the next destination. A favourable destination for the artistic expressions to breathe and acquire the appreciation it deserves.


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