I Still Have That Doubt

Yes, I agree, there is not much space for silence Often, I have to let go of that tranquil moment Trading appropriate words; prices are too high They feel uncomfortable due to the rushed deal Unaware of my thoughts, whether they can adapt To the new kind of stresses and aimless flow Of my temperament and idiosyncrasies I had to sacrifice silence to acquire the … Continue reading I Still Have That Doubt

Losing the Momentum

Grasp over reality slips away unceremoniously Sometimes there is an effort to hold them back in a stubborn way Mostly they disappear, leaving a sinister trace A backlash of time wakes up the otherwise unfelt existence Without remorse; there is always a sense of unknown anxiety Conveyed to others who are around There is an eerie frequency at which feelings are communicated Somewhere, the deep … Continue reading Losing the Momentum