There is an urgency to vacate so many feelings, just to remain submerged In creating that space, the incurved reality, it’s depth feels like a safe place The intense pull of feelings sometimes make you weaker, a cathartic release No one is pleased, the world behaves in an unfamiliar way; people talk About so many things, but the lone struggler won’t be discussed even once … Continue reading Submerged

While Being Away

While there is a fear of locks, they also keep away the intruders Also, the locks have a scornful expression and stare intimidatingly Locksmiths may know the tricks to overpower them and compel them to unlock Crooks learn the magic too; it’s their passion to manipulate them to submission It becomes a mechanical profession of disarming the locks Doors become irrelevant, the disdain vanishes, they … Continue reading While Being Away