While Being Away

While there is a fear of locks, they also keep away the intruders

Also, the locks have a scornful expression and stare intimidatingly

Locksmiths may know the tricks to overpower them and compel them to unlock

Crooks learn the magic too; it’s their passion to manipulate them to submission

It becomes a mechanical profession of disarming the locks

Doors become irrelevant, the disdain vanishes, they become mere scraps

Of metal bundled in the most humiliating way; thrown away afar

The owner, unaware of the pilferage, the ostentatious break-in

So many memories would have been erased by the uncouth visitors

One cannot trust the locks to prevent the deepest memories from being misappropriated?

The composition of the metal may have been feeble

Why cast aspersion on the craftsmen who shaped the locks?

The desperate trespassers must have acquired the skill to beat metal

Steal the precious memories and also the fear of locks

Only to be fitted with a heavier one next time, as a challenge


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