Holding on to the Silence

Silence is brilliantly patient while waiting for adverse moments to disappear. Holds the secrets with utmost resilience and loyalty. In a world where words topple over each other to be heard, ideologies clash, and knowledge sublimates to a different state of irrelevance, one can rely on silence to guard the legitimate thoughts against decay.

Time is inimical, as debates run on to the stages built around moral depravations. Abuses flung towards each other and the mainstream narrative stinks of slanderous intent. Carefully chosen vocabulary is used to defend the most idiotic ideologies! There are no surprises anymore, and the abuses do not sting but appear as garlands around the insane lecturers.

Education is futile because there is a lack of intent to introspect and gather some clarity on the psychological aspects of existence. The mind is treated as the inconspicuous dimension where logic is defied. Wonder, who experiments on the psychoanalytical theories now, where the mind is treated as the miniature laboratory. How inherent qualities and consciousness can be obscured? Accusations can travel faster in the vacuum of idiocy! The senseless experimentations have transformed the mind into believing that there can be no independent inferences from the philosophies of life.

Why read and hold on to the silence till the time is right? The words feel meaningless, the plot contrived, and the characters highly suspicious. But there is still that loyal silence which can show the path towards freedom. The free thinker’s journey to wisdom and philosophical triumph. Till then, silence can be the cocoon to shield the soul from decrepit logic and self-defeating psychological tirades.

Can we not listen more and use silence to our advantage? Feel the slow transformation of the being and find a solution to the existential dilemma; that is what silence teaches you; to be patient and listen more to the echoes of cosmic philosophies.


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