The Rush

Oh no! There was a rush, I was pushed ahead

Or, I moved without my consent, when time was not on my side

These are regular moments where I lose my footing

But with that stoic expression, I have to look poised

No one is concerned; I feel no one is even aware of me

When I fill that space with my awkward posture

It does look like a glitch in the heavy flow of humanity

Where I fall, but I somehow balance; it is a learned behaviour

“You should never complain against the multitude.”, they used to teach

Opinions, keep them within; locked from the world

A shame! “You cannot keep pace or even try to learn the nuances.”

Go fetch the world! Grandiloquent dreams; but I can hoard

My quota of triumphs of disappointment

Someone will decide my fate

Like, my writing will be ignored, trashed, and set aside for ridicule

Let them have some fun; happiness is a scarce commodity

Oh yes! I must not get distracted, or I will fail to swim the tide


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