Rogue Words

Whispering words

Tired words

Struggling words

Uncanny words

Tragic words

Condemning words

Redacted words

Where in the word is any space left for curing it?

Diminishing chances, fading hope

Scope to build on hubris

Yes, accumulating debris

The glitch in the minds

Trying to overpower the space

Constellations to be rewritten

Fate repositioned

Again, the words are not enough

But the free will to desecrate

Earth’s eyes blindfolded

Haziness scores the mood of life

Tiring culture of shocking thoughts

All are supposed to surrender to that reason

Or, be considered a treason

Pervert expectations

Starts with wordless thoughts

In the suppressed minds

Words pressed out with sinister logic

They become diabolic

A chronic uproar to self-destruct

No one wishes the cure

In a depressingly hazy reality


8 thoughts on “Rogue Words

      1. You are welcome 👍👍 it is more than award nomination.. i can say.. it’s a alarm to say that people read your blogs..
        As i said.. no compulsion to write back.. hope to read your thoughts.. Enjoy..keep writing your blogs.. and inspiring… 👍👍💜💜

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