Difficult Morning

Waking up to the frail lights

Talking in hushed tones

Everything seems sleepy all around

A weak day is uninspiring

Reluctant to leave the bed

Soul’s disinclined to walk along

Under the canopy of frailness

The stillness is only within

Life never pauses but progresses

Amidst stale feelings and frailness

Somewhere, it must be brighter

Compared to this dimension

Silence births new consciousness

Weak lights are temporary

Should one dare to walk

Bright lights will find a passage

Through the fine fissures

Cleansed with pure light, again


10 thoughts on “Difficult Morning

  1. From frail to pure light… I really enjoyed the movement within this piece, like coming out of a dark dream to be eventually kissed by that bright, warm light of understanding that follows conscious introspection.

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