What we Determine

While severing the ties with better things with life, there is also the urgency to cure them with a fierce bitter medicine. It is not about Alchemy, but the foolish concoction of therapies devised from the sinister desire to determine the most potent philosophies to be terminally ill.

The said drugs are administered to control the pure energies of thoughts, which, at an initial stage is thought to be sufficient. Who can control the pathological liars? Their treatments become severe and multiple drugs are prescribed to finish off the sane philosophical ideas.

It is quite evident that a falsehood cocooned in the sinister chambers spread their toxins through multiple carriers. Yes, the experiments to eliminate any sane philosophical discourse have many enthusiasts.

Everyone likes to experiment, but the ingredients are the key! Similarly, with any new ideas and creative thought processes, they are perceived to be diseased to the core. Yes, they try to dislodge the majoritarian opinions with critical thoughts. Well, that is supposedly a miserable desire to carry. How can an individual’s mind have the idea to change anything? It is diagnosed as the desire of a diseased mind.

Foolish and self-destructive thoughts act as neurotoxins! They inhibit any healthy communication, and thus, the speeches reiterate them without worrying about the diminishing effect of the narrative. There is no scope to realise that!

You can have a new idea, but it should resemble an existing one; for we can feel immensely satisfied with the comparisons. Feeble ideologies are born from toxic comparisons. If the DNA of an idea can be manipulated with, one can continue to propagate the induced dreams. There is no risk of deviating from the determined course of existence.

While we are given the grand idea of a ‘free-will’, it is also held back by ‘Determinism’. Among all the randomness, we always like to trace a comprehensive pattern to adhere to. The surrender to an unknown and follow ‘free-will’, where we have much more control to choose is a contentious issue.

How many dimensions do our thoughts have? A thought born of ‘free-will’ probably can realise those dimensions before making a choice and consequent actions. The indeterminism, here, would be at a metaphysical realm and cannot be rationalised by the conformed theories of the comparisons.

Most of the ideas may not be compatible with the Universe. Yes, there is a bigger experiment to make it more incoherent and foolish, rather, too eccentric for they are given a churlish spin. These parallels protrude through numerous perforations in the logical domain.

Chances are, there is no remedy to the induced illnesses that allows everyone to be paranoid of any extra-dimensional nature but still blabber about ‘free-will quite liberally, albeit without the will, of course.


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