Letters are difficult to find nowadays

When everything was poured into those words

They were not authors or poets

Only simple words in cursive held hands

Entrusted with delivering the most intimate speeches

They meant so much to the reader

The eyes would reflect on the sentences

Sometimes, more than once, even for a lifetime

Will be kept away as precious jewels in a handmade box

Crafted with secret chambers

Precious words are like sparkling jewels

The words of the heart crossed boundaries

So many of them held different versions of history too

When times were inimical and lovers separated

Letters bridged the chasm

Many undiscovered letters may still be breathing

Hoping to see the new light of today

The benevolent narrator of bygone eras

Hope, words today carry the same intensity

Not only of poets and authors

Also, of thinkers and scholars

When delusions behave like the mythical hydra

Fanaticism erases reasons and will to love

Not only letters of meaning keep knowledge alive

Also, human emotions will breathe


11 thoughts on “Letters

  1. The letters that used to fall like a waterfall through my mail slot are but a trickle now…I have one dear friend in her early eighties who sends me the most wonderful letters, I in turn, send her copies of my posts as she avoids computers. Hooray for letters, Amitav!

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    1. Hi Kim. how have you been?

      You shared such a sweet anecdote. I ndeed, letters were more comprehensive, emotions poured into each word, and most importantly, care was taken to write each sentence. In fact, I know people had beautiful cursive handwriting; treat for the eyes to read them.

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  2. I could not agree with you more! I feel like the essence of letters has just vanished entirely, with the rise of the internet. It’s sad, because letters are so organic and raw and real and for me, there’s nothing better than getting a hand-written letter from someone I care about. I feel like letters exemplified the importance of writing too, and there was so much beautiful expression. But I guess, the world has to move forward and in the process, leave some things behind

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    1. So true. The other day I was watching a documentary on Roald Dahl, where he spoke how we wrote with a pencil (6 pencils to be precise) to write and edit his manuscripts, meticulously going through each sentence. Writers were sentient and felt each word they wrote. I feel the same with letters, it genuinely communicated much more; the feelings on reading a letter were just cannot be explained. As if the two souls just meet somewhere to speak. I hope we are not leaning behind something important in the rush to adopt the changes.


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