To Nowhere

Are there any happy depths?

I ask this when fear and hatred stay strong

Hold themselves together

There is unity in their desire to destroy

When the crowd trembles to speak

Stand up to the atrocious demands

Doth protest too much against hope

Fanatical cries reprise the situations

What is this blind faith about?

A world with diminishing clarity

Violent words are spoken with equanimity

It is the culture that is pummeled

Only to give rise to destructive sentiments

How far the world can go?

Where are those comfortable depths?

Language is stuck between rubbles

The suffering of this magnitude is unreal

Cries echo piercingly

We cannot even take care of the children and old

Who has sown the seeds of hatred?

Caught between the poisonous growth

Gasping for breath in the stifling air

Hands are stuffed with unwanted gifts

Yes, that is some technology

Distractions that run deeper into the virtual world

Words and misfortune spread faster

A web of an unfortunate journey is planned

One is supposed to feel alienated

Yet, feel the strong urge to unite

With similar minds and destructive ideologies

There is misery in the environment

Silence too is infected with fear

Probably, there are no happy depths


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