Yes, That too…

The night is unwilling to let go of the melancholic feelings

Even though dawn is about to arrive and knock at the door

That which conspires in nature makes the environment quite sombre

Flowers hesitate to bloom and the birds look quizzically at the skies

Nature is eager to wake up, but there is a critical moment holding it back

Here, humans have to push away yesterday’s dreams hastily

Have to run because life beckons urgently; that’s how it has been till now

Whoever decided the fate of existence after tearing it away from reality

Is it that one cannot really imagine differently and interpret alone

Without the strict definitions, but driven by the principles of the cosmos

Those motionless objects add to the mundaneness of the landscape

There is no escape from the whimsical progress through winding roads

After a while, no one wants to let go of the stifling busyness

It is about the duration that occupies the mind with opportunist time


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