The Chances and Choices

Although afraid of the destructions, and the demons associated with it

It is often we have to face them for those who invoke them during a trance of stupidity

For them who are not a part of it, they are initiated into that environment in a devious manner

Some cabal working tirelessly to make existence difficult for everyone

They seek satisfaction by pushing in their dangerous agenda right into the psyche

It has been a practice, now quite evolved, to have fear as the basis of existence

Fear yourself, the reflections, the shadows, the language you use, and what you seek

It is a festivity of fear and a constant circus performed by the dunces

So are we to believe that being offensive and destructive can bring a revolution

But that time turns in a wicked manner and attacks the natural process of progress

The more we digress, we regress; yes, that’s the pathetic situation of demolition

Where consciousness is smothered and smudged by the brutal ideologies

How insecurely powerful one feels that one has to choose the path of annihilation

Some contributions towards this mayhem have to be thought of urgently

Whether we are contributing anything worth mentioning to enhance this existence

Or, just diligently following the diktats and timetable, and oblivious of the individual


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