Where the Dreams Go

So many dreams stumble during the inclement darkness

They emerge with gaiety with the hope of meeting the first rays of dawn

What happens at the hours shrouded in mystery?

Many of them are forced to be abandoned midway along the blurry paths

Some of them wander on their own

Guided by the cosmic instincts, but they find their destination elsewhere

Whoever is awake, and waiting there for some inspirations to be conveyed

There is a wrong impression of the darkness from childhood

One should learn how to fear the vanishing lights- as if life transforms

Why the evening has to be melancholic and night dreadful?

On can always sleep peacefully and witnesses the dreams bloom

There is always enough light across the cosmic world


7 thoughts on “Where the Dreams Go

      1. Most dreams are intimate and arise from our memory (present and past), the mind is quite expansive, also fluid and can encompass many unknown experiences. They all manifest through dreams. So, in that way you can say, “We are our dreams…” . But some dreams are induced and planted in our consciousness, for they cannot be our own, or even sync with our subconscious, that’ when we feel disturbed and our thought process is disrupted.

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