Days Without Destination

There will be many days and many ways, monitored by time

Whether you ascend or descend, the landscapes will decide

For fate will push you along with the determined push of the world

It is time to decide if you want to be offended by the struggles

If fear drives the conscience and hasty decisions become a hurdle

Justifying the chicanery to create some passages of trouble

Running away from the self, without listening to that concerned voice

Some priorities are not even, as they protrude like a difficult choice

Give yourself a chance, consciousness to your thoughts, a window of hope

Before spelling out those ideas for others to follow

Nothing can be as discomforting as the vague echoes of missed chances

Disquiet minds cannot be the garden of beautiful dreams

Do not dream of the open skies and think the clouds are free

They carry the burden of aeons and wait for the highest peak to surrender

Nature is intrinsically embraced by fate it cannot escape


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