The Skeptics

It belonged to the skeptics

Time had other intentions

Somehow it escaped

The confines of restricted reflections

Eyes couldn’t believe the magic

It unfolded the reality


Interpreting creativity is subjective, but they merely mention the frail meanings that arise from a hasty conclusion. There is an instinctive skepticism around the creative process as the individual allows the work to speak for themselves. It is a struggle to create a space in the usual thought process. It is a reality that many will not even bother to read or even leave midway, quite exasperated at the intricacies of creativity. It takes patience to create and naturally reflects on the work. Here, reading is not literal, but a more conscious reading with the mind. It is often the practised review that distorts the scope and meaning of art and creativity. Creativity feels doubtful, the metaphors highly exaggerated, and expressions which are not considered normal according to standards set by society. Studying literature develops a sense of compassion towards creativity, and a more mature attitude develops to understand the dimensions unravelled slowly. Creativity is a tedious process! The artist has to create new avenues every day. It is not about picking up ideas from accumulated reality. For creativity to exist, they have to consider many realities, all of which is possible because the imaginations of a free thinker dare to breach the boundaries. The extreme adulations without understanding the soul of creativity and myopic criticism are two flawed reactions. When the tricks of mediocrity work well, then it becomes an arduous task to even discuss the essential values of creativity. Thanks to those readers, critics, and artists, publishers, editors who sincerely support the freedom of creativity. Also, the undying enthusiasm of artists, writers, poets keeps this interesting world thriving with creative expressions. The conclusion is that creativity has to be convincing which will finally carry on the progressive narrative.


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