I cannot work my way through the erratically shapeshifting labyrinth

From the physical to the banal

From reality to the pinnacle of absurdity

From objectification through vacuous theories

It is too much of a burden, a stressed job of being repetitive

Which type of fortune can spring from that reality?

The minds are being shaped by cultures of distinct patterns

Constrained and urged to surrender the free-thinking nature

Everything that is natural is transformed into another artificial reality

In an interconnected world of fancy objects, the pompous ignorance echoes

Yes, consciousness identifies with strict structures and uncanny rhythms

Ideas have to fill the vessels continuously

Choosing to flow through different terrains and with unbridled energy is a fallacy

Freedom can only be restricted and monitored

What if the stimuli enforce some repetitive behaviour?

The mind can be constrained to believe that it suffers from a malady- of being too free

Of viewing the world without any expectations

Natural expression and conscious themes to create worthy stories


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