The Pull

Sleep takes me to another dimension of time

I may choose not to fall asleep and talk to the night in gibberish

The pull is quite intense

Sometimes sleep come with a sinister feeling

Whoever pulls the strings and eventually dominates the mind

The strong resolve dissolves in the deepest ocean of sleep

Night transforms into someone who watches over with powerful eyes

I try resisting the urge like a confused traveller across the desert

Sleep feels sweet when it echoes hallucinatory sounds

Assured of lesser struggle the consciousness surrenders

All that I can do is to retrace the past time through the dreams

Impossible at times, when they all disappear like a truant child

Few days can be skipped, but eventually grabbed by the night

Where does freedom come from?

This world is kind of contradictory to the drowsy mind

Sometimes, the reality is louder and distinct is such a state

The intense pull I cannot resist- it’s sleep and my dreams


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