Eulogy of Lamentations

Lamentations of the poet take shape in the heart

It is sincere and private; of all the experiences and observations

Only the deliberations in solitude can reveal their intentions

They are here to stay for they have found a suitable cave

This is an endless world, the poet’s world, where darkness loses its way

Why elucidate their concerns or even daily occurrences of being disoriented?

Take them somewhere to nurture their sentiments

It takes an entire life and frantic writing to even pacify them before death

The words will be read and those sentiments, their strong aroma, will surround the place

Try to gain some acceptance or pity from the audience?

That’s not the way to leave a legacy of creative lamentations- without appropriate eulogies

Along the journey, every day, they chose your small cave as an abode

For the poet feels there is freedom in being vulnerable



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