When It is Essential to Walk Confidently

There are times when the whispers grow at a commanding pace

Without raising their voice, they threaten to occupy the little space

That I call my own- a slice of a world that balances between me and my soul

It depends on how I defend it from faltering

From the intense soundwaves inaudible to the human ears

All that I can do is to keep moving, in a balanced way, without palpitating the focus

I will be tempted to give in because of the fatigue

My body will trudge along, but the soul must maintain that resolve

If I were to step on troubles and have to walk along the jagged paths

They look similar and familiar, all entangled at a crossroad

As if the entire city is caught in a tight knot

I do not carry an extra spine to balance myself or an extended had to help me from falling

I do not know at who’s calling I still defeat those menacing whispers

Enough to trouble the gravity of the Universe and my existence


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