During Idleness The World Wonders

Those who use profanities against idleness

Are seriously unaware of the beauty of the thoughtful moments

When the world slows dows along with your being

There is a rare harmony that gladdens the soul

Not being surrounded by the compulsions of a busy world

It is a triumph, a daring act, to withdraw

Even the day mellows down and the air feels tranquil

In an otherwise edgy routine between stationary destinations

An act of moving, without the thrill of a new journey

There are no convenient routes that will take you anywhere you wish

Idleness is that magical journey with some thrilling moments

It is an absurd thought for the world in a perpetual hurry

One needs time to harvest the thoughts from a vast consciousness


10 thoughts on “During Idleness The World Wonders

    1. Thank you so much! This is one of my quote for today-
      “Dissociation does not mean dissonance. In fact, you can utilise the phase to ask questions and decide on the path you really seek.”


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